Volunteer at Your Parish

What are your Gifts?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at your parish. What are your gifts? Your time, talent and treasure are needed as we demonstrate God’s Love and Light by engaging our parishioners in service through our activities and outreach. Please review the following options and let me know what you feel called to do.

Find the volunteer role that's right for you! Questions or suggestions? Reach out to me at mebrown@bscaz.org. Join your parish staff and clergy as we work to Build up the Body of Christ at Blessed Sacrament!

Engage in Parish Group Activities

As the primary contact for Parish Group Leaders, I facilitate development of fellowship and outreach ideas during our quarterly Night of Unity planning meetings. My background in event planning, fundraising and outreach are put into play as we flesh out details for logistics, legal and insurance requirements, etc. At our meetings we encourage collaboration between our group leaders to best serve our parish community.

Support Parish-wide Events and Outreach

A few parish traditions such as ThanksGifting and our Annual Parish Mission require a large number of volunteers once a year. Committees are typically formed to steer the 2-3 month planning process before this type of events. These events and outreach have an “all hands-on deck” approach as they incorporate the involvement of Parish Social Groups, parishioners, outside organizations, and more.

Help us host Special Events for the Diocese of Phoenix or Others

Occasionally the Diocese of Phoenix or another organization will offer our parish the opportunity to host a one-time, unique engagement opportunity. In 2022 our parish needed volunteers to organize input and write a report for Pope Francis’ worldwide Synod. In recent months we have hosted Father John Nahrgang, Diocese of Phoenix, as he provided presentations on the Miraculous Medals and Our Lady of Guadalupe. In both cases our volunteers helped with the distribution of Medals and Blessed Images of Our Lady. A teen event focused on chastity, Purified, is another example of a special event where assistance was needed for one night in order to ensure that the 200+ individuals and families visited our campus safely and efficiently.

Welcome New Parishioners

We have a system in place to introduce our parish to new members that is led mostly by staff. We need volunteers to meet with new parishioners one-on-one to suggest involvement in activities/ministries and establish a strong parish connection.

Submit any new ideas you would like to lead/pursue

Have a new idea? Have you heard about parish activities or groups at other churches that you would like to bring to our parish? Please let me know if you, someone you know, or your group might be able to help. Ideas currently in need of leadership:

  • Empty Nesters - Organizing parents whose children have left the "nest" and who may now have time to be involved in service to our parish.

Are you interested in volunteering in your parish? Please check out the list of opportunities in the form below. When you fill it out and submit, your information will be sent to Mary Ellen in the parish office.