Over the past 30+ years, our school has provided many families with an exceptional educational and spiritual experience; our goal is to continue to provide this opportunity for many years to come.

All placements will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Actual Age (birth date) by August 31
  2. Current Student and/or Sibling
  3. Active Catholic
  4. Non-catholic
  5. Developmental Age: We administer the national Gesell assessment to determine students developmental age.

Funding/Scholarship Opportunities

  1. The AUBREY HISH Scholarship Fund is available for Blessed Sacrament Preschool & Kindergarten students to apply. Please pick up an application on our website or school office. (Aubrey Hish was a teacher assistant here at Blessed Sacrament who passed away October 3, 2004.) The funding for these scholarships is provided by our school fundraisers, Aubrey’s mom, and generous donations. Scholarships are based on financial need.

  2. CEA (Catholic Education Arizona) application forms are required to be filled out online for ALL Kindergarten students. This tax credit fund will help offset your Kindergarten tuition. Forms must be turned in by the designated CEA due dates. File online at ALL Kindergarten students are required to fill out CEA forms.

  3. Other tax credit organizations such as Arizona Tuition Connection, IBE, Arizona School Choice, etc. are available for Kindergarten students to apply. Google: "Arizona tax credit" for more organizations to apply.

  4. We are a state licensed school and Quality First school, therefor we can offer scholarships from Quality Frist for those families that qualify.

We are well aware of the financial sacrifices that you, as parents, are making to provide your children with a Catholic education and we appreciate the commitment of families like yours in that endeavor. Please contact the school's Director, Heather Fraher at 480-998-9466, with any questions or concerns you may have about any of the registration information.

We look forward to working with you and your child towards their academic and spiritual journey.