Matrimony (Marriage)

In the Sacrament of Matrimony a man and a woman give themselves fully and unconditionally to one another in the vows that they make.

This action emulates the loving and life-giving gift of Christ who fully and unconditionally binds Himself to humanity through his death and resurrection, giving us eternal life. The matrimonial covenant offers the Church a witness of this action in the binding of the two, and the gift of life through the creation of a family and the raising of children.

In the Diocese of Phoenix the normal preparation time for couples seeking to celebrate their marriage in the church is 9 months. Couples who are engaged, or who are married outside the Catholic Church and who would like to have their marriage convalidated (celebrated as the Sacramental action that it is) should plan for preparations that entail, at a minimum, this 9 month period.

For Marriage Preparation, please contact the Director of Faith Formation & Education.