The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Everyone knows about St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift stores and help for the homeless, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

St Vincent de Paul is a lay volunteer organization aligned with, but independent of, the Catholic Church. You don’t have to be Catholic to join, or to turn to the Society for help. Rather local groups of members, or conferences, operate typically out of a Catholic church with the permission of the pastor.

The St. Vincent de Paul conference at Blessed Sacrament began in 1988. We now have about 30 members, called Vincentians, aged anywhere between 25 and 80. St Vincent meetings are held at Blessed Sacrament on Thursday nights from 6:45 to 7:45 pm in one of the classrooms behind the social hall.

Blessed Sacrament parish provides office/telephone line messaging support to our St Vincent conference, along with a closet and refrigerator space for an onsite food pantry.

The prime objective of our conference is to serve those in need of food or temporary financial help within a designated area centered around Blessed Sacrament parish.

Interested in learning more about this amazing group?

Email us at, or Call 480-948-8370, ext. 266 and leave a message.

Just ask some of our current members what St. Vincent de Paul has meant to them:

“…amazing group of faith-filled, energized, caring, and fun individuals right here in our parish.”
-Lauri Cooney

“I receive so much more than I give as a member of St. Vincent de Paul.”
-Stacy Cotroneo

“There is a wide set of volunteer options and the time commitment is flexible for working people.”
-Chris Webb