Knights of Columbus

Some know the Knights of Columbus as those men who wear those uniforms (regalia) at important Catholic functions. The knights, and specifically the knight’s council at Blessed Sacrament, are so much more than that.

Our mission as knights is to provide our brothers and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, our Parish community, and to support charities outside our Parish that are in need. Our motto says it all, “In service to One, in Service to All”.

Our knight’s council has run breakfasts after mass, social dinners (ala prime rib), and fish fries during Lent that provides funds. Typically, these funds are distributed to:

  • Education scholarships for the youth of our parish
  • St. Joseph’s Summer Camp
  • First Way Pregnancy Center
  • Family Promise for the homeless
  • Our Parish
  • Others

We as brothers co-sponsor the Parish Water Drive each July and deliver tons of bottled water to St, Mary’s Food Bank. We go down to the Andre House to help feed people in need. When our Parish needs help, our brother knights are some of the first to volunteer.

Interesting Facts about the Knights of Columbus

  • We are a world-wide Catholic organization of close to two million brothers.
  • We were founded by venerable Fr. McGivney in 1882 as a fraternal society to help struggling families.
  • Not only lay Catholic men, but Deacons, Priests, and Bishops are brother knights.
  • We generated and sponsored adding “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Men, have you ever considered becoming a knight and are you eighteen or older? We at the Blessed Sacrament Knight’s Council would love to have you as a brother!