Music Ministry

Liturgical Music at Blessed Sacrament

The mission of the Music Ministry at Blessed Sacrament is to encourage the “full, conscious and active participation” of our parish family by uniting with them in sacred song.

“They who sing, pray twice.” ~ St. Augustine

We are made up of vocalists who read parts and / or who are able to learn by ear, instrumentalists and music enthusiasts who desire to serve the Lord and our community by lending our talents to the celebration of Holy Mass. New members will be welcomed with love and appreciation. Currently, we are strongly inviting Men and Alto women to join our Parish Choir, Children to join the Children’s Choir, both male and female vocalists for the Worship Choir and strong Alto singers for the Schola Choir.

Christmas / Easter / Special Liturgical Celebrations

While we have a number of choirs we do a fantastic job of joining together for these special liturgies. As soon as the schedule is set for these dates choir members and instrumentalists are asked to choose which Mass works best for their schedule. It is such a joy to have the joining together of our members from the different groups for these beautiful liturgies. We are musical family members.

Schola Choir

This group sings in 3-part harmony at the Saturday evening Vigil Mass in a more Traditional style. Piano is the main support instrument but we would love to add cello and violin.

Parish Choir

This Choir sings at the 9:30 am Sunday Mass. All ages from high school on up are welcome; a simple vocal quality audition is required. We sing mostly in 3-part harmony. Some of our members are present all year; others sing with us when they are in town for the snow bird season. This group is supported by both Organ and Piano.

Worship Choir

This groups also sings in parts. Until we have some male singers, we are typically 2 parts. We would love to expand this group for our Sunday evening 5:00 PM Mass. We currently have piano as the main instrument for this group but would love to add strings. (Acoustic Guitar, Cello & Violin would be most welcome.) There are typically a couple of contemporary pieces sung with this group.

Children's Choir

During the school year, young people in grades K-8 can be heard practicing in the Church Classroom on Sunday mornings from 8:30 until just before the 9:30 Mass begins. We lead music at the 9:30 Mass one Sunday each month September through May. The 4:00 PM Christmas Eve Mass and one of the Easter Sunday Masses are gifted by the angelic voices of our children.


Thursday evening from 7:00 – 8:15 PM in the Church Classroom. (The Last Thursday of the month we do NOT meet.) The music is selected 4 to 6 weeks at a time depending on the Liturgical Season. All choir members are encouraged to meet for this rehearsal as this is when we learn new pieces and brush up on pieces used less often. Plus, this builds true community among all the musicians of the parish.


Those who play a musical instrument are encouraged to add beauty to our liturgies by playing at Mass. Specifically we are looking for Cellists, Violinists and Acoustic Guitarists.

Julie Carrick will be happy to answer your questions and hear your comments about the music ministry at Blessed Sacrament Parish.