This Sunday from 10:30am - 2:30pm!


EDGE Kick-off
Tuesday, September 20
Pool Party/Taco Truck

Life Teen Kick-off
Sunday, September 18
Octane Raceway
Must be registered in Life Teen

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Blessed Sacrament offers several different formation opportunities for people of all ages. Please choose from the following links to explore the different ways we help others to Know God. 

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Symbolon | Register for Symbolon

Blessed Sacrament now has a parish subscription to FORMED, a digital library of Catholic videos, bible studies, teachings and much more. Produced by the Augustine Institute, FORMED offers quality, family-friendly content for people of all ages.

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As a church we rely upon our weekly collections to cover our expenses and we now offer a more convenient and secure option to donate through Faith Direct. If you are able to make a gift, please click the link above to be taken to our donation portal. 

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming. Blessed Sacrament and your local funeral home will assist you in every step along the way. Whether a loved one has recently passed away, or you are looking to plan ahead for your own funeral, the following can serve as a brief guide:

  1. Step One
  2. Please contact your local funeral home to set up a date for the service. The funeral home will then contact Blessed Sacrament to coordinate and confirm the date. 
  4. Step Two
  5. Blessed Sacrament will contact you to determine details for the Mass.
  7. Step Three
  8. Your family will be asked to select readings and music. You may access those selections by clicking below.
Click here to go through the Reading & Music Selections.

Call Heather Fraher, the School Director, for a tour of the school today at (480) 998-9466.

Registration and Scholarship forms are below.

Attention 6th, 7th & 8th Graders!  You are invited to an amazing ministry designed just for you.  EDGE is brought to you by Life Teen and the year will include Retreats, Camp, Service projects, and a lot of crazy games!   Edge meets on Tuesday Twice a month at 6:00 pm with mass with dinner afterward. For more information click here. Any questions contact Jeremy Stafford at (480) 621-8133.

Life Teen is an amazing ministry to the High School youth of Blessed Sacrament and beyond.  We are going to have a lot of fun this year.  We will have retreats and Steubenville West.

Join us on Sunday for the 5 pm mass. Dinner and Life Night takes place immediately following the 5 pm mass.

Call Jeremy Stafford for more information at (480) 621-8133

Sponsorship Packet

La Sagrada Familia is a Catholic parish, located in Mexicali, Mexico, across the border from Calexico, California.  This parish has given us a real blessing in sharing its people in Christ.  We, their northern friends, have given new hope, friendship and love to many.  They are our “family” in another land and yet, so close.

Our goal is to help La Sagrada Familia in some way.  Education in Mexico is free until 7th grade and then, many expensive fees and other costs must be paid by the family.  We refer to these extra fees, etc. as “tuition”.  Higher paying job opportunities are available to students who can finish the 12th grade, complete training through a technical school or receive a degree at a university.  This equips them with the ability to live a full life and remain in Mexico.

We created a program where an individual or group can “Sponsor a Student” through support for their education.  The “tuition” cost for 7th grade through high school or technical school is $350 a year.  If a student goes to the University, it is $1000 a year.  These expenses are far more than families can even dream about at La Sagrada Familia.  You can help through sponsoring a student or contributing to a discretionary fund that assists with special “tuition”, glasses or other needs.

Your contribution to Blessed Sacrament for this ministry and outreach program is tax deductible and will be included on your annual statement.  For those individuals, families or groups who wish to sponsor a student, you will be greatly rewarded with the experience.

Help give a child an education.  We have experienced so many young people who have finished high school, received a bachelor’s degree in education, business or engineering and those who have gone on to graduate school in Master programs, Law or Medicine.  There is so much to be learned, given and shared by everyone.  God has given us a task, a real calling to help his children.

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