A note from the new Parish Manager

by Kurt Carrick  |  03/18/2024  |  News

Hello dear friends in Christ,

I am Kurt Carrick and I’d like to introduce myself as Blessed Sacrament’s new Parish Manager. Many of you know that I have spent more than 20 years in the business of non-profit management and going from parish to parish in the summertime presenting mission and conference events. I have a business background and a degree in Business Administration. I have been to so many parishes in Arizona and across the United States; some good, some great and each with a story to tell. What is consistent among the great ones is that they are people of great faith, who celebrate wonderful liturgies, and who have strong teams who create and maintain a legacy of service to Christ’s people and the church. They invest in faith formation, proper liturgy and engaging programs for all people in all stages of life. Our parish has always been that for me, my beacon in the storm, the place I go to keep my spiritual journey going. I am forever humbled and honored to have been invited to the leadership team.

Our parish has had some fast turns of leadership in the last six years. Change of a pastor leads to a great many questions for staff in their individual roles and in the direction of the “ship” at large. Imagine being aboard ship en route to a particular destination. You and the other passengers are rowing this ship with huge oars and abruptly the ship stops and changes captains. And the new captain has a new map. A change of direction. It happens again and again, say five or six times. Imagine their excitement, insert eye-roll here, when the latest captain introduces a new “ship manager.”

Our staff at Blessed Sacrament has maintained a beautiful worship space, an exceptional spirit of community and a lifestyle of service, liturgy and sacrament despite the many turns and redirects and I appreciate and commend them; they never quit. They deserve our gratitude.

Some parishioners have asked me why we needed a parish manager. The simple answer is to maintain the map and help staff keep on rowing in the direction our community of faith is intending to go.

We began the month introducing our Parish Engagement Study. This is our GPS to the future, the direction that will be guided by you, our community. In this Jubilee year for the parish, it is prudent to ask many questions and obtain your many recommendations, desires, and hopes for Blessed Sacrament going forward. Your feedback will provide the map that will continue to guide our path for the next 50 years. I will work tirelessly with Pastor and Staff to achieve a sure and steady course.

I am energized and excited for the coming years of service at Blessed Sacrament with my fellow parishioners, staff and church. Please pray for me as I pray for you.