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January 2018

Vol. IV: No. 1


New and Notable


Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Archbishop Joseph Kurtz Applaud New HHS Initiatives on Conscience and Religious Freedom

We applaud HHS for its significant actions to protect conscience rights and religious freedom. For more than forty years-dating back to the Church amendment of 1973-Congress has enacted federal laws protecting rights of conscience in health care. We are grateful that HHS is taking seriously its charge to protect these fundamental civil rights. Read more.


First Freedom Podcast

Religious freedom fits within a broader set of teaching, often called Catholic social teaching. In Episode 11 of the First Freedom Podcast, we talk with David Cloutier, associate professor of theology at the Catholic University of America, about Catholic social teaching, solidarity, subsidiarity, and religious freedom. Check it out!


The Generosity of the Lomnitzers 

By Tyler Lomnitzer

The power of my family’s story touched me in a new way last year at the annual Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC the night before the March for Life.  Read more.


New FEMA Policy Helps, but Disaster Relief Fairness Should Be Law

By Aaron Matthew Weldon

For years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had maintained a policy of excluding houses of worship from federal disaster relief grants simply because of their religious nature.  Thanks be to God, FEMA has changed its unjust policy.  Read more.


Urge Congress to Enact the Federal Disaster Assistance Nonprofit Fairness Act of 2017!

FEMA’s policy is, and always was, just a policy.  In a future administration, FEMA could go back to the old, unfair policy.  So it is important that the new policy be established in law.  A legislative solution exists by way of the Federal Disaster Assistance Nonprofit Fairness Act of 2017, which has been incorporated in disaster assistance legislation passed by the House.  This legislation awaits action in the Senate.  Contact your Senators today, and urge them to support the Federal Disaster Assistance Nonprofit Fairness Act!


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