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Watch this video message from Bishop Murry, just posted to our home page this week, and consider how it might serve as a conversation starter or reference point in your own work.


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Check out Bishop Kicanas’ Catholic Schools Week op-ed, published by Catholic News Service, Celebrating the Significant Contributions Made by Catholic Schools.


Bishop George Murry hosted a Bishop’s education meeting January 17 – 18 at the USCCB, “Strategy and Perspective on Transforming Catholic Schools.”  The meeting was sponsored by the Alliance for Catholic Education of the University of Notre Dame with 30 bishops in attendance.  Some of the discussions included leadership in Catholic schools with a focus on the importance of the bishop, pastor and principal relationship; Catholic school governance; parental choice in education; and the effect and implication of charter education on Catholic schools. Dr. Tom Burnford of NCEA and Brittany Vessely, Executive Director of the new national Catholic parental choice organization, Catholic Education Partners, were also in attendance.  The bishops engaged the issues seriously and demonstrated their deep commitment to Catholic Schools. If you haven’t yet, read about the meeting here.


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