Together, let us grow in Holiness, Love, and Service to one another and to our community.

Open to all young adults in our parish with a passion for servicing and a desire for fellowship. We use the gifts God has given us to build the Body of Christ, with the purpose of growing in faith and in love and to share that love with our parish and the greater community as Christ calls us to do - in service to one another.

We are all part of the Body of Christ. We share in our joys, works, and sufferings together as one. Let us build each other up. Let us encourage one another. Let us build our lives and families together. Let us help one another stand firm in the faith, to be the light that pierces the darkness as Christ calls us to do. Let us spread the mercy of Christ and win souls for salvation. Let’s be the hands and feet of Christ and heal a broken world. Please join us in renewing and continuing our faith journey with each other in service to our Lord and to this community.