Why Register At Our Parish?

The Pastor, his Deacons, pastoral staff and the faithful work together to build a sense of community within a parish, particularly through the celebration of the Mass. For this reason, under normal circumstances, adults are to be baptized in their parish church and infants in the parish church of their parents and couples are to be married in the parish where either the bride or groom lives. Through the spirit and practice of the laity and clergy working together to foster a community, the relationship of the parish is strengthened. To help ensure this dynamic in the parish, parish registration creates an obligation to support the mission, vision, and needs of the parish. In her wisdom, the Church has seen the practice of registering at the church as the best way for laity to meet these obligations. Being a registered member of our parish gives you a home for worship and celebration of the sacraments within the Body of Christ.


Registration is the official way to join our parish community. Many people think that because they attend a particular parish they automatically belong. At times young adults who have moved away for years think they are still signed up under their parents’ registration. But membership requires signing up, formally enrolling yourself in a parish. Registration is a way to be included in the religious, communication, social, and ministerial activities of our parish. If you have not registered yet, are a regular summer/winter visitor, are a young adult living at your parents’ home and are working, or you know us and want to be a member, please register. Already a registered parishioner but recently moved? Changes in your household (births, deaths, marriage)? Let us know by calling at (480) 948-8370 or e-mailing the parish.

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