Monday Movies (Summer)

Each summer the parish offers monthly films for viewing and discussion that are built around a particular theme.

Examples of past offerings include: “The Bible on Broadway” (Broadway musicals that portrayed Biblical stories), “Papal Portrayals” (bio-pic films portraying the lives of popes), “Faith Animated” (animated films with faith themes).

Summer 2023: Mondays with the Martyrs

Join us for three films depicting the lives of Catholic martyrs. A short discussion of faith themes will follow each film.

6:00pm Each Date in the Parish Social Hall

Monday, June 19 Becket

This is the story of King Henry II and his life-long friend, Thomas Becket, whom Henry appoints as chancellor of England and later arranges for him to become the Archbishop of Canterbury.  When political controversy rocks their relationship, forcing Becket to stand for what is good, right, and true, servants of the king take irreversible and tragic actions.  Starring Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton, this classic continues to speak in our time.

Monday, July 24 Of Gods and Men

This 2010 film presents the story of a small Trappist monastery in Algeria during the 1996 Civil War.  When forced to make a decision between leaving the monastery and abandoning their way of life and of faith, the monks must come to grips with the realities of the world and the vision of faith that they have chosen to live. 

(French with English Subtitles)

Monday, August 21 A Hidden Life

This is the story of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian husband, father, and farmer whose spiritual journey led him into a deep and consequential relationship with Christ.  When the Nazi regime over-took his village in 1938, he was the lone citizen who voted against the new government (even though he had been offered the post of mayor), and individually refused to sign the pledge of allegiance to Hitler.  When drafted in 1943, Jägerstätter declared conscientious objection, and was arrested.  He remained faithful in the face of threats, and ultimately death.