Anointing Mass

8am Saturday, February 10th

All who are sick, facing an upcoming surgery, combating a chronic illness are welcome to receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

Afterward, speaker John Chuchman will discuss Healing.


While still employed with Ford Motor Company (1959-1992), John began volunteering with Hospice of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1990.  To his amazement, he was of help to men who had lost their wives, and so upon retirement in 1992, John continued on with Hospice work with Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, Arizona and North Country Hospice, Kalkaska, Michigan.

John was awarded a Certificate in Spirituality from Kino Institute in Phoenix and in 2000 a Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. John’s Master’s Thesis was on Forgiveness: A Key to Grief Healing, a synopsis of which was published in Bereavement magazine.

From retirement to date, John has conducted Grief Support Groups, Seminars, Retreats, In-Service Programs for Hospices and Church Groups of all denominations all across the country. He has written 17 books with Sacred Quest; Growth Through Loss and Love containing all the slides and handouts used in his workshops.

More and more, John has been receiving requests for workshops and retreats on Spirituality and Spiritual Nurturing reflecting people’s needs and hunger. John and his wife Marilyn live six months each in Northern Michigan and in Arizona.  With one son Mark, passing in 2006 at age 46, they enjoy their other three children and their grandchildren.