Are You Being Called?

Are you being called to get involved in a meaningful way?  The Family Promise ministry could be exactly what you are looking for. 

Family Promise

Blessed Sacrament has recently partnered with Family Promise to support their compelling mission and vision:

The Family Promise Mission is providing emergency shelter and social services to help families move toward independent housing and self-sufficiency.

 The Vision of Family Promise is a community of whole and healthy families.

The Awful Truth About Homelessness:

Family homelessness is often referred to as an “invisible crisis.” The parents and children experiencing it are less likely to be seen on the streets than chronically homeless individuals or homeless veterans. Parents most often attempt to stay hidden from sight, for fear that their children will be taken from them if identified as homeless by child protective services. Here are some facts about homelessness in Maricopa county:

  • 27% of homeless are families
  • 47 new families slip into homelessness every week
  • 125+ families go without shelter nightly due to a lack of capacity
  • 84% of homeless families are single moms with 2-3 kids below the age of 10

Empowerment vs Enablement

For the past 19 years, Family Promise Arizona has helped more than 500 families get back on their feet.   For more information visit their website – 

Our Commitment

We have committed to host 4 (four) families for 7 (seven) nights beginning July 28th  thru August 4th.  We will provide evening meals, activities and a safe, comfortable place to sleep on our campus.  There will be other weeks throughout the year, as well.

You Can Make a Difference

Volunteers – someone like you – are the key to the success of any ministry.  The volunteer process is very streamlined and simple however, in order to successfully host these families we need a minimum of 40 volunteers. This is a great opportunity to help those who don’t want a handout but need extra support so they can regain their independence.  If God is tugging on your heart to find out more and  help keep families off the street and children safe, sign up by printing the form below. 

What a beautiful way to live out our Blessed Sacrament Mission.

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