Hello all!

Lent has arrived. Let the next 40 days be meaningful and reflective for you and your family.

Don’t forget that today the Knights’ Fish Fry is back! It starts at 4pm in the Social Hall. Don’t miss out on some fried goodness. If you can’t make it tonight, definitely get this on your calendar for next Friday!

Scooby-Doo was by far and large the favorite in last week’s poll. Fred and Scrappy-Doo had no love which happen to be mine and my husband’s favorite :-). As far as bulletin articles, the 40 Days / 40 Items article was the preferred one. I hope everyone gives the challenge a shot!

This weekend’s bulletin has some great articles, too! Check out one on Heather Grossman, a speaker coming to Blessed Sacrament on March 24th to talk about how Faith Triumphs Tragedy. A Lenten Reflection series by Larry Fraher starts this weekend and will continue through Lent. The Rice Bowl article is a great reminder of how we can help, in a little way, the world.

Our Lenten Mission is this weekend. The evening sessions will be held on Sunday the 10th at 7pm and Monday the 11th at 7pm. There is a morning session is on Monday the 11 at 9am. This promises to be a great opportunity to reflect and contemplate as Lent begins. Check out the post about it here.

Also, this weekend is the Young Adult Picnic on Sunday the 10th at noon at Cholla Cove Park. For more details contact Jeremy Stafford at jstafford@bscaz.org.

I also wanted to let you guys know something exciting! I’ll be rolling out something called Bulletin Overload. Sometimes, I just have so much that I want to include in the bulletin but simply have no room. So those choice pieces will be on the website starting soon. Hopefully, you’ve all been enjoying the articles in the bulletin! 

Make this weekend awesome!


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P.S. Our Maintenance Staff (the Mighty Maintenance Men) wanted me to let you know that the olive trees will be sprayed on Saturday March 9th at 5:30-6am. They want to make sure you don’t park near them as they leak a little bit plus we don’t want to trigger any allergies or breathing conditions.